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Hire Thom For Elegant Images


We Shoot It


For more than 20 years, as the creative force behind The TableTop Studio,  Thom O'Connor has been producing elegant images of products and creations for promotional and  advertising use.  Thom will be pleased to shoot something elegant for you.

WHAT WE SHOOT - If we can get it on a table, we can photograph it.  All types of jewelry, gadgets, cosmetics, housewares, electronics, and aquatic mammals that we can make elegant for you.

THE DIGITAL IMAGE - Our tabletop work utilizes a high-resolution digital camera, color-balanced lighting, calibrated monitor, and the latest image capture and processing software.  All designed to produce quality work in the shortest time, and at the best price.

Hire Thom O'Connor to produce elegant photographs of your people, products, and creations.

IMAGE FILE FORMATS - For print, we deliver PSD (or TIFF) RGB images, at 300 pixels-per-inch resolution.  For Web use, we deliver JPEG sRGB images, at screen resolution.  If you have other output requirements, we’ll work with you to deliver the format you need.

MINIMUM SHOT QUANTITY - Just one shot.  Call us, and we’ll schedule your project. You'll like what you see, and you'll come back for more.

USAGE RIGHTS - The product shooting fee we agree on includes all rights to the use of the images, in all media.  You never need to renegotiate fees for secondary usage.

FEES - We’ll make every effort to work within your photo budget.  We can shoot by the product, by the project, or by the day.