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Fanciful Reviews of Thom's Work

"Thom O'Connor's work fit our gallery perfectly.  And we've got high ceilings."

"A gesturally relevant dichotomy of iconoclastic images that resonates in a sublime, if fractured, juxtaposition."

"Really swell stuff."

"I only wish I could make photographs as beautiful. Maybe if I had a better camera."

"Professor O'Connor teaches us things about lights and lenses and film and other things we don't even want to learn."

"He shoots what I want, when I want it. What more

could you ask?"

"I've got Thom's work hanging all over my house. It transports me to another place.  Cleveland, usually."

"Thom's images are beautiful, complex and unique. Much as myself."

"Professor Thom is a great teacher.  He knows more than any other person on the planet.  Really, I'm not kidding."

"Thom's photographs touch my heart with their honest, raw emotion. And I like the black frames a lot, also."

The Latest Fanciful Reviews of Thom's Work